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Soft wash pressure washing is a phrase that is being used much more these days in the pressure washing, power washing, and roof cleaning industry. What it means, is that you are performing exterior cleaning using a much lower amount of pressure than most pressure washing companies are associated with.  Many pressure washing companies only use high pressure to clean. This can damage most of the surfaces on your property.

Many of the pressure washing companies these days fall under the soft wash pressure washing category, and if they don’t, do not hire them. If a company cannot safely clean your property without using soft wash methods, you do not want them cleaning your property, because they do not truly understand what they are doing.

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What is Soft Wash Pressure Washing?

Most people know soft wash pressure washing as cleaning a given object using a psi of 500 or less. When cleaning a roof, stucco, or other delicate surface, most people consider this low psi cleaning as non-pressure cleaning. There truly is no such thing as non-pressure cleaning. With roof or stucco cleaning, the main objective is to wash all the mold, mildew, moss, and algae from the shingles or stucco without damaging the surface itself. This is next to impossible to do with high pressure washing.

Roof Cleaning

With the roof cleaning procedure, we could actually use a garden hose to wash these fungi, but it would take an extra 3 to 5 hours to do so. This is why we use specialized tools, designed to wash away this material properly, and quickly. It also removes the fungi safely.

With the tools we use, you can see that the pressure coming out of these tools are no more than that of squeezing your thumb over the end of a garden hose. With the phrase non-pressure, it’s more a phrase to let you know that almost no agitation is being performed to your shingles or stucco during the cleaning process.

Roof Cleaning

Soft Washing, or High Pressure?

Almost all companies that perform pressure washing fall under the soft wash pressure washing category. If they have the equipment and the knowledge, they will probably be using the soft washing pressure washing method. There are times when a higher pressure method should be used, and is acceptable to be used. This higher pressure method is more commonly used on concrete and brick. And even then, some brick and concrete should not be cleaned with high pressure. A true professional will know when, and when not to use high pressure on a surface.  Even with this higher pressure method, the real work to be done is in the cleaning chemicals used.


Chemistry is the main element in soft wash pressure washing. In the market today, there is a cleaning solution for just about any surface imaginable. Choosing the right cleaning compound for the surface you are cleaning is the real trick. Many cleaning solutions all but guarantee their product can clean your surface. Most fail to do so, and you can waste lots of money on these low grade products.

Can I perform Soft Wash Pressure Washing Myself?

We recommend you hire a professional like us, that have the key ingredient to perform any soft wash pressure washing project. That key ingredient is knowledge. With the years of experience, we have determined what cleaning chemicals work, and which do not work. We have over a decade of experience to put toward cleaning your property.

By the time the typical homeowner spends their time, and money, on several different products, they could have easily hired a professional to come in and get the job done quickly and effectively the first time.  Why throw your money down the drain?

If you hire a cleaning company to clean your exterior and they do not plan on using any cleaning chemicals, this is a sign that they have no experience or someone that has no care to do the job correctly and accurately. If this is the case, feel free to call us for a free estimate, or even to ask questions. We are always here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.