Concrete Cleanup: Mastering the Art of Stain Removal

At Kingwood Pressure Washing, concrete stain removal is something we do daily. Typically, we clean concrete surfaces with what we call our “Surface Cleaner.” This is our concrete cleaning machine that can cover a larger area, at a faster rate, and cleans more accurately than using the typical wand or spray gun cleaning. Using a surface cleaner helps us get done, and get off your property before we disrupt your daily routine.  Instead of performing driveway cleaning in 3 hours, it takes more like 1 hour.

Porch Cleaning
Porch Cleaning

After performing your concrete and brick cleaning, we spray them with what we call our “Concrete Cleaning Formula”. This is our special formula that will stop any new algae, mold, or moss from forming, acting as a preventative, while also killing off any algae, mold, or mildew that typical pressure washing doesn’t remove.  This in turn will keep your concrete clean for a much longer period. We also use this technique for brick pavers, natural stone surfaces, and other paved surfaces.

Oil Stained Concrete Pressure Washing

concrete stain removal

Oil stains can be quite difficult to remove. “Can you remove these oil stains from my concrete?” Yes, and maybe no. Oil stains are plain and simple tough. It depends on many factors if oil can be removed with basic concrete cleaning. The most important factor is how long the oil has been on the concrete, and was anything put on the stain already.

Long term oil stains are almost impossible to remove completely, since they have had time to set in the pores and dry. Long term oil stains can be removed enough to were only a shadow of the oil stain is visible in most cases. Another question is what type of oil is it?  Some oils are capable of being removed easier than others.  And finally, how porous is the concrete? With all these factors going into the removal of an oil stain, it is hard to be able to tell someone that concrete cleaning can remove the oil stain completely.  We always recommend performing a full driveway cleaning when removing an oil stain, instead of just cleaning the oil stain alone.

Rust Stained Concrete Cleaning

Like oil stains, rust stain removal depend on many factors. What is the rust stain caused by? How porous is the concrete that the stain is located in? With these, and many other factors, we can determine what type of treatment is needed for your rust stains.

Rust Stained Concrete Cleaning
Rust Stained Concrete Cleaning

Fertilizer rust stains are one of the more difficult to remove completely with concrete cleaning. Granules left on concrete from fertilizing the yard, or leaking from a potted plant can be one of the hardest rust stains out there. Many times these rust stains cannot be completely removed with concrete cleaning, but can be lightened to a faint shadow. A piece of outdoor furniture that causes rust stains can usually be removed with no problems. Call, or email us today for a free evaluation of your rust stains.

Brick Cleaning And Pressure Washing

Brick Cleaning is a fairly simple process, in most cases. Most Bricks, like concrete, can withstand higher amounts of pressure, as a result making the removal of mold, algae, and other materials easier. Because some bricks are fragile, we also have soft washing methods for brick cleaning. If you have brick with a white powdery look to them, it could be efflorescence.  Please see our efflorescence removal page for this type of cleaning.  In conclusion, we offer a free estimate and evaluation of your property so we will know what method to use to make your home beautiful.

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