Graffiti Removal And Cleaning

Graffiti is awful site to see in any area.  Especially in the area you live, work, or own.  We at Kingwood Pressure Washing have been battling graffiti for over a decade, and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.  The good thing is that products keep coming out that make the graffiti removal process easier and quicker.  There are other products now available that can be applied to surfaces that will repel graffiti.

Graffiti – What is it?

Most people think of graffiti as a surface that is spray painted with a “tag” representing a gang.  Most of the time, this is the case, and with the gang population on the rise, more graffiti is popping up all over the place.  Graffiti can also be considered other products other than spray paint.  Markers, paint pens, and chalk are just a few of the other items that can be used to create graffiti.  We at Kingwood Pressure Washing remove them all.

Graffiti Cleaning

Graffiti cleaning and graffiti removal is something that not every pressure washing company can accomplish.  There are techniques and certain procedures to follow that must be performed to remove graffiti without leaving outlines, or shadows where the graffiti was originally located.  Many times, we at Kingwood Pressure Washing, have been called out to remove the graffiti that other companies could not remove completely.  We have yet to find graffiti that we were unable to remove completely, therefore Kingwood Pressure Washing is the company for all your graffiti removal needs.

How to Battle Graffiti Artists And Taggers

There is one main way to battle graffiti artists and gang taggers.  Remove the graffiti markings fast.  A graffiti artist puts his mark on an area so many people will see it.  If you take that away from them, then they are most likely to place their marks on another location where it will last longer.  The moment you see graffiti on your property, call us.  We respond to graffiti removal service calls within 24 hours, so they won’t tag your property again.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

On many areas, an anti-graffiti seal cote can be applied that will keep graffiti from adhering to the surface.  These are great products if you don’t mind cleaning the graffiti off yourself.  If you are not the handyman type, we don’t recommend these anti-graffiti coatings.  Even once the anti-graffiti coating is applied, you will still need someone to clean the graffiti off.  Many times it can be cleaned off with a rag and warm water, but many times a pressure washer will be needed.

Graffiti Removal Companies

As talked about earlier in this post, you will find many companies that offer graffiti removal and graffiti cleaning, but you have to figure out which is the best, and which can remove the graffiti properly.  With any contracting company, you should always ask for references.  You do not want to chose the company that doesn’t have the experience.  We at Kingwood Pressure Washing can give you dozens of our past clients that have used our services in the past, and continue to use our company when needed.  We do more than just graffiti removal, so visit other pages of our website to see how we can make your property perfect.  For over a decade we have served all of the Houston and surrounding areas.  No job is too big.  No job is too small.  Call us today for a free estimate.

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