Pressure Washer Basics

A pressure washer, which is sometimes called a “power washer”, is an industrial-grade tool that cleans a surface using a concentrated, high-pressure stream of water. If you need the deep cleaning that only a pressure washer can provide, you should hire Kingwood Pressure Washing. The blast of water that comes out of the end of the wand can cause injuries and damage to property if the pressure washer is not used correctly.  This is why we at Kingwood Pressure Washing always recommend hiring a professional.  The emergency room bill or property damage can be a lot higher than the cost to hire a professional pressure washer.

Just knowing how to use a pressure washer is not enough to clean a surface accurately.  You also need to know what nozzle to use to clean the correct surface.  You need to know how much pressure to use to clean without damaging the surface you are trying to clean.  Many homeowners that use a pressure washer themselves cause costly damage to their more sensitive surfaces on their house.  Chemical knowledge is also key to cleaning more effectively, and getting results that outlast just pressure washing with water alone.  Knowing which chemical to use on what surface can make all the difference in getting the results you want out of your cleaning.

Kingwood Pressure Washing offers complete exterior cleaning, including stucco cleaning, vinyl siding, EFIS, hardy plank, and more. Experienced professionals know which types of services require low pressure washing (soft washing) to avoid damage. To learn more about how pressure washers work, watch this video. 

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